Tiffany fragrance

Tiffany just launched its first fragrance with an amazing Pop up store in Paris and of course we could not miss it!

Tiffany with its simplicity and infinite perfection created a fairytale in rue faubourg!

The client has the impression to enter in a  tiffany light blue painted enchanted world.

A real experiential journey into the fragrance. Everything is so harmoniously light blue depicted, that it is just like… love at the first sight! You can smell the perfume, but you can also perceive it with all your other senses. You feel it through a giant wall full of violet iris flower or via incredible vases in glass filled with mandarines.

You can also play with the fragrance. The journey continues in a dark room with mirrors all over the walls where lights play with the surfaces of the perfume and the mirrors recalling the diamond-shaped bottle. And there are more surprises. In fact, after a corridor where the fragrance ad continues incessantly to be projected with the sound of a charming women voice singing all you need, there is the “cerise sur le gateau”: a photo booth machine that instantaneously takes you a polaroid. You won’t be disappointed!

Once the journey into tiffany’s fragrance is over, you will exit this sugar world with the most admired bag in the world full of tester, pictures, and flowers. Not a mistery that it is actually called #Allyouneed, because, we know, Tiffany is always the right answer to anything…

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