We couldn’t expect a better way to celebrate the festive season at Harrods.

Dolce&Gabbana just brought to London the most enchanting Italian Christmas that you could have ever dreamt of.
Meters and meters of amazing festives windows telling the history of the two designers and depicting their characters at work, cutting and knitting, will welcome you in the most famous luxury shopping centre in London.
An enchanting fairytale that continues at the 4th floor, where the two designers gave birth to a typical Italian food market. Italian music and salespeople, perfectly educated to greet you in Italian will lead you inside a food heaven. Cannoli and Babbà are used as supports for sunglasses and accessories. You will be completely, positively, overwhelmed!
The surprises are not over! Traditional Italian tailors will be there just to customize your new D&G shoes and T-shirt, making this the most magic shopping tour you have ever done.
Christmas has never been so perfect.

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