Discover Chité Lingerie

It’s high time to finally present you one of LS’s favorite brands: Chité Lingerie.

We have already collaborated with this super cool lingerie brand and we are always happy to support those brilliant two young entrepreneurs !

Chité was born between Paris and Rio de Janeiro, the cities where the designers lived.
“In a warm Parisian night spent among laugh and friendship we found ourselves talking about the woman, her femininity and how her image as deeply changed and evolved over the past two decades.
Today’s young women are independent, free, full of dreams and ambitions but always with the delicacy, sensitivity and elegance that distinguish her. “

This is how they tell the story of the birth of their business
They wanted to start from the most intimate layer of a woman to make her feel able to achieve anything she wants in every moment her day.

For Valentine’s day this year Chité is doing something very special, read the interview and go have a look at their e shop, you deserve something precious for valentine’s day girls…

Saint Valentine’s Day: young designer for Chité.
Collaboration among Women means resourcefulness, love and creativity.
And who better than Women know the purest meaning of such words?
Nowadays the world is ever-changing and everything comes and goes too quickly.
But is there is one thing that Chité wants to value again is people: the small artisans
they work with, the tailors, and the artists that contribute to the creation of lingerie
that perfectly enshrine the quality and love that they use in their work.

The premium sustainable brand who creates only exclusive lingerie sets in respect of
Italian luxury craftsmanship. Chité reflects the values and dreams of its two young
founders that as young women want to cooperate with other young female talents
to empower Women.
This time, the fashion designer Rachele Bonato was given “carte blanche” to express
her idea of femme fatale. As a result, the on-trend lingerie set offers seductive
elegance with rich lace design and intricate details. The lace bustier-inspired bra with
velvet details goes beyond sexy in its black and midnight blue colorway, completed
with a retro glamour high-waisted culotte. The design celebrates feminine curves
with a twist of sophistication. Detaching from tradition, the red color was left aside
for this Saint Valentine’s set. As Rachele said: “ To be sensual a “Woman doesn’t
necessarily need to wear red lingerie, especially on Saint Valentine’s Day”.
Inspired by Paris, also known as the City of Love, the team imagined a romantic
gateway for the passionate woman who always seek to spice up her life. The
capital’s unique marriage of tradition and style lies in Chité’s DNA that wants to
stand as bridge between heritages and innovation, protecting and sustaining the
values of the Made in Italy for today’s versatile women’s needs.

The young brand stands by this simple motto: Life is too short to wear boring undies.
Founded in Italy by two passionate women entrepreneurs, Chité launches its first
collection in 2017 with the aim of bringing creative, yet stylish intimates into working
women’s wardrobe. The brand doesn’t follow the seasonal fashion calendar, but
rather choose to create monthly capsule collections, produced locally in Northern

Italy in the respect of the sartorial tradition. The lingerie pieces come in limited-
edition only, made with best-in-class fabrics.

One of the main characteristics is the focus on the back, with registered designs the
brand has created different backs with twists, game of lines or big satin bows to
allows Women to finally wear backless dresses where the bra becomes an added
value to the outfit.

Slow couture for today’s versatile women.

Interview to Rachele Bonato
For more info:

For press enquiries or product shooting, please contact


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