Is Virtual Reality the future of shopping?

This past year highlighted more than ever before the importance for brands of having a strong and engaging online presence as they have seen their physical stores closing down.

Having a mere online presence is not enough anymore as companies are seeking new strategies in this industry to have a competitive advantage over other brands and really stand out. The most recent trend which many companies are going for is the use of Virtual Reality technologies to enhance the customers’ shopping experience to a whole new level.

Dior is one of the main brands which has fully adopted this technology and offers to its shoppers a full 360-degree VR and e-commerce experience through its “Dior Champs-Elysées Virtual Store”. Customers can use this online tool to browse among Dior’s vast collection of products, from perfumes to lotions and candles. Once they find something of their interest, users can click on the product and move to the online shop. This is not the first time Dior promotes its brand with the use of virtual reality. In 2015 they released a product called “Dior Eyes”, which allowed its fans to see what was happening on the backstage during fashion shows without having to attend them. You could find yourself at very center of one of these fashion events during its exciting preparation.

This new type of e-commerce interface targets the younger generations, who understand how it works and can easily engage with this it without experiencing any difficulties. Virtual reality does not only create a more entertaining shopping experience, it also drives sales, as data shows. 

With this new technology becoming popular and the current situation we are facing, we will probably see more and more brands adopting it to meet the customer expectations and hunger for shopping experiences.

By Andrea Gallo

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