The Future of Dining

The recent events have impacted our lives in unexpected ways, many of the things that we took for granted not so long ago are now impossible to experience in many areas of the world. Dining is one of those. Many of us have not been able to experience a pleasant dinner outside for many months, and we all miss having the chance of going out with our closed ones, either for a relaxing experience, a date or just to leave behind a long day, or in this case, a long year. 

One question remains: how will this impact the future of dining in the coming years?

This industry constantly evolves, we have seen how takeout and deliveries have increased in customers and sales and how new technologies have eased this transition.

Outdoor dining is likely not going to be just a trend and will remain. We have seen how, due to the circumstances and with the help of local governments, many restaurants around the globe have implemented the outdoor dining experience in their operations and we are not mad about it. With warm weather and sunny days, being able to sit outside instead of a crowded indoor space, to enjoy a nice lunch or a relaxing dinner, is something we all love.

Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, will dramatically increase their presence. These seatless restaurants, with no tables or dining rooms, will redefine the concept of dining as their popularity rises. One example is Rick Bayless, a Chicago fine-dining chef and owner of “Tortas Frontera” who has partnered with Kitchen United and made his entry into the ghost restaurants world, as a virtual kitchen for carryout and delivery orders.

Over the years, I have met countless people who have shared their deep love and gratitude for Tortas Frontera, many even routing their flights through O’Hare in order to enjoy their favorite torta,” Bayless said in a statement.  

“During this time of reduced travel, I’m thrilled to partner with Kitchen United to bring Tortas Frontera to Chicago residents where they live and work.”

Regular fine dining is also going to come back eventually. Most of our favorite restaurants that we have treasured throughout the years are going to greet us with open arms once the situation permits it and are going to be as thrilled as us to finally being able to welcome their clients, once again. 

By Andrea Gallo

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