Glamping in a desert: a luxurious getaway alternative

If you have ever dreamed of gazing at the stars while chilling in the middle of a desert, you can do it at the Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps, Morocco. 

It’s located in the center of the big dunes of the Erg Chebi Desert. In this oasis, you can spend your time in one of the five luxury and comfortable desert tents. It’s the ideal getaway for anyone looking for an escape from the current stressful situation while seeking privacy and solitude and watch the world go by. 

These luxury tents are designed for those who enjoy the sense of quietude and peace that only a desert can offer. At your arrival, the whole camp will be lit up with candles to ensure a charming first experience of the camp. Inside each tent, there’s a full equipped bathroom with a private shower too and all-size beds to choose among.  

In this unique location, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while reflecting, taking a walk on the soft dunes of the Sahara Desert or, if you’re feeling adventurous, even ride a camel at the sunset. This experience wouldn’t be complete without the chance of tasting traditional Moroccan cuisine, both by enjoying an authentic breakfast during the sunrise or through a romantic dinner at the sunset.

Moreover, you can enjoy desert Berber music of drums after dinner around the campfire and make this trip truly unforgettable. This whole experience will blow you away with the spectacular sand dunes, beautiful colours and unique landscape and will definitely make your 2021 a better year.

By Andrea Gallo

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