After the lockdown situation, it seems that exotic destinations far from everyday life will not be forgotten at all. Most travellers will prefer to spend their days of luxurious rest in the most varied destinations: from the Caribbean to the northern European ones, all with a precise common point. Indeed, sustainability is the common thread that unites the environmental responsibility achieved during the pandemic with the desire to return to travel as it was done before COVID-19 plunged into our lives.

The question to be addressed concerns what has been defined as conscious luxury. Recently we are witnessing more and more requests from nature lovers who wish to have both experiences in the jungle or on the ocean shore without forgetting the component of comfort and ease.

An example is certainly the Eco-House located in Copenhagen which has a green interior that creates areas capable of relaxing customers as soon as they enter. Prioritising conscious luxury and nature throughout, the property is investing heavily in renewable energy, partnerships with environmentally friendly and sustainable local brands, and forward-thinking initiatives, including the luxurious Earth Suite designed with only sustainable materials.

Another example is the Sustainable Staycation in Ives, which is the first hotel in the world to have installed pathways and a promenade made from recycled plastics from the ocean, using, to date, the equivalent of some 3.5 million plastic straws.

A final suggestion are the Aqua Villas located in the Maldives with bedrooms submerged beneath the turquoise waters, the first of their kind to be introduced in The Maldives. This is the only place where divers can spot up to 13 species of shark in the water, making it a paradise for avid divers and snorkellers and for this reason they are perfect for lovers of the sea and nature.

One thing is certain: crowded beaches, packed bars and long queues at tourist attractions will seem alien and we will have grown accustomed to keeping our distance and respecting personal space, enjoying walks in local parks and simple home pleasures.

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