Gabetti, the new luxury line “santandrea luxury houses & top properties” is born

The high-end real estate industry remains a captivating and constantly evolving sector, even amidst economic uncertainty and global pandemics. Despite these challenges, the market for luxury properties continues to expand as the number of affluent individuals rises: these individuals demand exclusive, secluded properties with unparalleled amenities, compelling real estate firms to continually innovate and provide an incomparable experience.

The burgeoning demand for luxury properties has not gone unnoticed, and Gabetti has responded by launching a dedicated branch called Santandrea Luxury Houses & Top Properties. 
The new division aims to capitalize on the thriving luxury real estate market, while also expanding the established Santandrea Luxury Houses brand. An added advantage is the collaboration with G Rent Spa, which enables the company to offer a full-spectrum service that includes short-term rentals, wellness services, due diligence, and marketing campaigns.

Santandrea Luxury Houses & Top Properties is a leading luxury real estate firm in Italy, boasting more than 500 opulent properties, 100 top-tier properties, and 380 high-end rentals. With a strong presence in the country’s most significant cities, including Rome, Milan, Naples, and Florence, the firm employs 60 skilled consultants and operates from 12 offices worldwide.
The company’s goal is to become a leader in the luxury real estate market, with a medium-term target of €25 million in revenue, a portfolio of approximately €6 billion, and a team of over 130 specialized advisors. 

Gabetti’s CEO, Roberto Busso, expressed his vision for the group’s renewed luxury division, stating that it has been a mainstay for them for nearly 50 years. Thanks to a policy of reorganization and investment, the division aims to become a leader in the luxury real estate segment. Santandrea has enjoyed excellent performances over the last three years, doubling its turnover from €3.6 million to over €6 million. With a new structure in place, they aim to achieve a €25 million turnover in the medium term by investing over €2 million, expanding the team with over 130 specialized advisors, and managing a portfolio worth €5 billion. Busso is confident that Gabetti’s full-service provider model, unique in Italy, will add value to their vision and project implementation.

In conclusion, luxury real estate is an exciting and dynamic sector that continues to thrive even during challenging timesand Gabetti’s commitment to the luxury market through Santandrea Luxury Houses & Top Properties reflects the potential for growth in the sector, even in challenging economic times: with its focus on full-service offerings, the division is poised to capture a significant share of the luxury real estate market in Italy and beyond.

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