Upcoming Events

To be announced.

Past Events

  • The London Luxury Week is officially starting, with no less than 3 events on campus!

    Wed Mar 29 – Tue Apr 3 – London Campus

  • Luxury Society Turin is glad to invite you to an online talk with 3 experts @ L’Oréal Groupe!

  • ESCP Luxury Society x Agora present: “Does luxury have a price?” – Conference and cocktail

  • Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet specialists from several Richemont Maisons!

  • An online talk with Federica Mengucci, E-retailers Coordinator @ Estée Lauder Companies

  • ESCP Luxury Society meets Alessandra Marra, CRM Coordinator @ Jil Sander

  • Luxury Society Paris invites you for an online talk with Ludovica Coiro, Chef de Produit Chapeaux et Gants Femme @ Hermès

  • Luxury Society Turin x Christie’s: The Double Interview

    Tue Dec 20 – 5:00 pm CET – Online

  • Luxury Society and ESCP Careers Service – London Campus host the “Luxury Society x Cartier: inside the Maison” event on Campus!

    Wed Nov 2 – 3:30 pm GMT – London Campus

  • LS ESCP meets Fabrizio Zonca, Owner & Contract Sales Manager @ Zonca
  • An online talk with Marta Minopoli, Retail Excellence Manager @ Bulgari
  • A talk with Barbara Dang, Global Brands Communication Director at Shiseido
  • Luxury Society ESCP meets Camille Maquin, COO of Ami Paris
  • Luxury for the Soul, Hospitality for the New! – A talk with Juan Enrique Fiorenzano
  • Luxury Society ESCP meets Ananya Rajpoot,
    Member of Women @Dior
  • A talk on sustainable fashion with Tanguy Frécon,
    Co-founder & CEO at Lizee
  • An online talk with Julie Kayl, Department Manager at Christian Dior Couture
  • An online talk with Alessandro Marinella – Family Brand Manager at E. Marinella
  • An online talk with Camilla Guhr – Celebrities Coordinator @ Chanel
  • The impact of Covid on Fashion PR – Veronica Grua
  • Discover the world of high-end jewelry with Licia Mattioli
  • A Glimpse of Luxury Automotive with Johanna Kriisa
  • An online talk with Diego Porro
  • Building a Global Marketplace for Luxury Watches
  • Raising a toast with Moët
  • OTB Group Company Visit
  • Inside Cartier
  • Business Aperitivo with
    Francesca Mapelli
  • Stella McCartney, London Head Quarter Visit
  • Finance & Luxury Industry
  • Retail’s challenges in the
    Luxury Industry
  • The LS ESCP goes to Brunello Cucinelli’s HQ in Solomeo
  • CLEED, When AI Meets Your Shopping Experience
  • The Luxury Start-ups Conference
  • Crack the Interview in the Luxury Industry
  • ASPESI – A talk with
    Fabio Gnocchi, CEO
  • BURBERRY – Francesco Simone, Senior Analyst, CRM
  • Conference Rolls Royce
  • A talk with Francesco Freschi, CEO of Etro Group
  • Young women entrepreneurs: a panel discussion on the luxury lingerie
  • A talk with Jean-Sébastien Gerondeau, Managing Director or MontBlanc France
  • Melania Fumiko: two sides of the Made in Italy
  • Be Fabulous with Vittorio Ferraris, Digital Marketing Specialist at Moët & Chandon
  • Maison Matí: an encounter between heritage and future
  • Conference: Luxury & Beverages with Constantijn Huynen
  • FEDUA, Une Étoile Montante Dans l’Univers du Luxe
  • The road to success: from BCG to Loro Piana
  • The Luxury Giants:
    Kering vs LVMH
  • A talk with Oliviero Domenighini, Sale operations Planner at Charlotte Tilbury