Artificial Intelligence & Luxury: Unlikely match made in heaven?

Prominent players in the luxury industry have historically been reluctant to adapt to new technologies, concerned with diluting the perception and definition of luxury. However, it has become increasingly clear that artificial intelligence (AI) can prove itself extremely useful in boosting profits and innovation for businesses - so how can luxury brands, so reliant on … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence & Luxury: Unlikely match made in heaven?


After the lockdown situation, it seems that exotic destinations far from everyday life will not be forgotten at all. Most travellers will prefer to spend their days of luxurious rest in the most varied destinations: from the Caribbean to the northern European ones, all with a precise common point. Indeed, sustainability is the common thread … Continue reading TRAVEL LESS, TRAVEL BETTER

Space Hotel, the ultimate vacation.

During a clear night looking at the stars every child has dreamt of flying up and take a stroll in the space. What if this dream could be reality? Well, in 2027 it will be! The lucky guests of the first space hotel will be able to take a trip - literally - out of … Continue reading Space Hotel, the ultimate vacation.