To what extent the war in Ukraine may affect luxury?

After enduring several financial and geopolitical crises from the 2000s, the luxury sector in Russia, whose clients spend on average 60% more than elsewhere, was getting some color back. Yes, but, for almost a month ago, Russian armed forces have been invading Ukraine. If the economic consequences of what is now an open war are … Continue reading To what extent the war in Ukraine may affect luxury?

Our Milan Fashion Week FAVOURITE

From the 22nd to the 28th of February 2022, Milano Fashion Week returns for its second edition of the year. This week was full of appointments, with designers presenting their women's collections for Autumn/Winter 2022-23, of which one in particular has caught our eye. Two very specific words can be used to encapsulate the essence of the clothes spotted at the Fendi show at Milano … Continue reading Our Milan Fashion Week FAVOURITE

Time, the ultimate luxury

“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today” -Tom Ford 0.50 seconds, that is the time that Google needs to find more than 20bln results answering the question: “What is time?”. However, none of those is a precise explanation. For many, time is the period in which an action happens, for others, it is … Continue reading Time, the ultimate luxury

Artificial Intelligence & Luxury: Unlikely match made in heaven?

Prominent players in the luxury industry have historically been reluctant to adapt to new technologies, concerned with diluting the perception and definition of luxury. However, it has become increasingly clear that artificial intelligence (AI) can prove itself extremely useful in boosting profits and innovation for businesses - so how can luxury brands, so reliant on … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence & Luxury: Unlikely match made in heaven?

Innovation as a challenge for JEWELRY

As the fashion world struggles through another pandemic-era couture season, the high jewelry presentations that traditionally accompany it during this period are more restrained than usual. Some major houses such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari and Chanel have postponed events until the next couture week, in July. But other houses, such as Cartier, De Beers, … Continue reading Innovation as a challenge for JEWELRY