Thom trade becomes Timeway Italy: the change in the name of the wholesale division of thom group

Luxury jewelry has always been a status symbol and today consumers try to seek out unique and high-quality pieces through which they can reflect their personal style.
Today the market of luxury jewelry keeps growing and in the midst of this dynamic industry Timeway Italy has emerged as a leading wholesale division of the international Thom group.

This group operates in many countries such as Italy, France and Germany and has generated a turnover of 700 millions euro in the last year.
It is a brand that produces luxury watches and jewerly for people who appreciate fine craftsmanship and impeccable style: from elegant bracelets to dazzling necklaces, it is designed to be worn on special occasion and every day.

As this company is undergoing a name change in 2023, it represents an opportunity to understand and to examine the significant role that it is playing in shaping this exciting market.
As a distributor for renowned brand including Timex, Alviero Martini and Stroili, it plays a crucial role in the distribution of product in the market, ensuring that their products are well-received by their target audience.

In 2023 the wholesale division of Thom Group has changed his name in Timeway Italy. 

The decision of changing its name was made after many considerations on the company’s direction and goals: in fact, this new name not only is simpler and more international, but also reflects a way to reach a wider audience and communicate its brand message more effectively. 
In a highly competitive market, the rebranding of Timeway marks a way to maintain a strong relationship with their partners and ensure that their distribution channels are effective and efficient.

The reputation and the experience in the luxury watch and jewerly market places it to continue its success in the years to come.

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